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Author: Anne Osterrieder
( Inserted on 03/04/2009 - 9276 Reads)

This video is a collaboration between the Plant Endomembrane Research Group at Oxford Brookes University (UK) and the band "Professor Science". We are interested in the function and organisation of the plant secretory pathway and use a lot of confocal laser scanning/electron microscopy to take a closer look at our plant cells. When we discovered David Mansfield's song "Sweet Home Apparatus" online, we thought that the combination between his song about the Golgi apparatus and our Golgi videos obtained on the confocal microscope might make a good music video. This is the result!

Author: Amelia Min-Venditti
( Inserted on 12/04/2009 - 6064 Reads)

This video describes some adaptations, simple physiology, and relevant uses of artichokes in day-to-day life.

Author: Kate March
( Inserted on 19/04/2009 - 15764 Reads)

This is a short general introduction to the group of plants known as angiosperms (or flowering plants). The video begins with a brief mention of the rise of flowering plants and then discuss some of their major characteristics (such as fruits and flowers). Next, it identifies parts of a typical flower, introduces some of the relationships that exist between angiosperms and animals, and talks about the role of flower petals in pollination. The video ends with a discussion of how humans use flowering plants in their everyday lives.

I intended this video to be accessible to a wide audience with little or no technical experience with plants. The language is simple enough for a younger audience, while the material remains appropriate for any age. I am a science educator, and had 5th and 6th grade science students in mind when making this video.

Author: sd4kwak
( Inserted on 17/04/2009 - 3370 Reads)

Cytosolic calcium plays a central role in cell signaling. In plants, specific information for stomatal guard cell movements is encoded in cytosolic calcium. This movie shows changes in cytosolic ...

Author: phytoman007
( Inserted on 30/01/2009 - 2786 Reads)

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Author: gueina yazmin bermudez ruiz
( Inserted on 12/04/2009 - 3026 Reads)

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Author: Margarita Vazquez
( Inserted on 17/04/2009 - 3337 Reads)

The video contains general characteristics of the plant. How in its external morphology, reproduction and use.

Author: Joseph T Carr
( Inserted on 03/04/2009 - 7480 Reads)

This time-lapse video documents the growth of sunflower seedlings that were initially kept in complete darkness. As a result of this treatment, the seedlings were spindly, had apical hooks, and lacked chlorophyll, a condition known as etiolation. Several days after germination, the seedlings were exposed to light. While they recovered somewhat, developing chlorophyll and losing their apical hooks, they remained spindly because the light levels were too low for normal growth.

Author: Margarita Vazquez
( Inserted on 18/04/2009 - 4371 Reads)

The video contains general characteristics of the plant. and in its external morphology, reproduction and use.

Author: Ela Lamblin
( Inserted on 14/04/2009 - 14330 Reads)

Here is the story of pollination, pollen germination on the flower's stigma, pollen tube elongation through the carpel, and double fertilization of the ovules deep within the ovaries.

A short film by Ela Lamblin with collaborator Dr. Anna Edlund. Lelavision Physical Music and Dr. Edlund have also created a live performance work titled "the Anther My Friend". This film is sourced in their collaboration. Featuring Leah Mann and Ela Lamblin of Lelavision. Music from Ela Lamblin's CD's Sculptaural, and Long Period Events. Thanks to Emory Universities Program in Science and Society.

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