Why Participate

Well, how about fame, money and a warm glow in your heart?

Fame: ChloroFilms will announce the winners of the contest on our website on YouTube and in press releases to be distributed by our sponsoring and supporting professional and educational organizations. We will say very complementary things about the winning videos and will promote news stories and interviews of our winners in our organizations' newsletters and websites. That's free advertising for you, which may bring you fame, notoriety, contacts in the science, education and documentary fields, and additional opportunities in the film making field. ChloroFilms will bring additional traffic to the winning videos by video reviews with hotlinks to the videos.

Money: Up to $14,500 in cash awards will be available for winning entries in this year's two contests (with deadlines in January and April). Grand Prize is $1,000; multiple categories will be eligible for 1st Prizes of $500; 2nd Prizes of $250; and Honorable Mentions.

That Warm Glow:  Maybe you think like we do - that plants are awesome - and want to help spread the word. Go for it!

Educators:  Why not use this contest in your classes, to help motivate and stimulate the creativity of your students?

Researchers:  Do you have an NSF research grant that requires public outreach? This may be a great way to do it. Or perhaps you want to help students, young researchers or the public understand the significance of your work. Here's a way.


If you want to help advertise this contest, download this poster and post in appropriate places.