Tips & Judging

What kinds of videos are we looking for?
We want eye-catching, informative and creative videos that illustrate the amazing qualities of plant life, from the molecular and cellular levels to the whole plant and ecosystem levels. Think of the amazing things that plants do. They capture sunlight, using it to yank electrons out of water and add them to CO2, thereby making the sugars which feed virtually all life on Earth. They weave sugars into strong cellulose nano-fibers and use them to strengthen their cell walls. Cotton fibers, lumber, paper and many other useful materials are made from plant cell walls. The next generation of biofuels will come from them too. Plants function as chemical factories, making wonderful substances, from turpentine, rubber and lacquer to caffeine, aspirin and anti-cancer agents. Peas, beans and related plants partner with special bacteria to chemically 'fix' nitrogen gas, marrying this inert gas to hydrogen and carbon to make the essential building blocks of proteins and DNA. Plant roots mine the soil for phosphate, iron and other minerals essential for life, in the process helping to convert barren rocks into a thriving underground ecosystem. They can remove toxic substances from the soil and from water. Plants sense light, gravity, friendly and unfriendly microbes and insects, and respond appropriately. They have complex means of fighting viral and bacterial infections... Videos related to Energy and the Environment are particularly encouraged.

This list could go on for pages. We want you to use your creative skills to present the awesome qualities of plants in YouTube videos.

Videos for the general audience:
General videos are intended for the public and don't assume knowledge of technical terms. They should educate, inspire and promote general interest in plant biology in an entertaining, compelling or humorous way.

Technical videos:
Technical videos should convey more specialized information, e.g. for use in classes or research, and can assume the viewer has some technical background.

Video series:
Video series consist of two of more videos that are connected by a common theme and will be judged together. They may be general or technical.

Judging criteria:
    Does the video attract and keep the viewer's attention?
    Is the video informative? Is the information correct?
    Are there creative, innovative or inspiring aspects to the video?
    Does the video have a significant 'wow factor'? Does it use humor effectively?
    Is the video and sound production of high quality?
    Does the video give appropriate credits? Does it infringe copyrights?

Some Video Ideas:
    Cartoons, animations, video game mashups, other creative forms to present info about plants;
    Time-lapse or high-speed photography, microscope-based videos and related techniques;
   “Try it yourself” videos illustrating experiments, methods, and demonstrations of plant biology concepts;
    Profiles of people, plants, organizations or other entities related to the theme of this competition;
    Documentary and narrated Powerpoint-style videos;
    Something new and different that we haven't seen before.